We offer the following services:

Assistance in choosing and getting admitted to an elite private school that best fits a student's academic needs and interests

Assistance in choosing a program that helps develop a student's personal strengths and talents, and provides them with a rich cultural experience

Assistance in choosing and getting admitted to an elite college or university that best fits a student's academic needs and career aspirations

We focus on education in the US, because the country offers a cutting-edge, innovative approach to student learning, and opens doors to a wide variety of career pathways. To gain admission to a top school is a long-term process that requires direct coaching and a personal approach. We offer a variety of services that range from choosing the right program and guidance through the application process, to 24 hour support on the ground once a student is accepted. We specialize in creating a customized package for each student based on their level of academic achievement, personality and interests.

Over the years, we have developed an in-depth understanding of the educational system and best practices of admission process, and have built partner relationships with leading US universities and private schools. Our headquarters are located in Boston, which is considered to be an educational capital of the world, boasting the highest number of the most prestigious summer programs, elite private schools and the best universities, including Harvard and MIT. Our team consists of people with different backgrounds and strengths, but each of us achieved their dream of graduating from a top US university. We help students that work with us achieve the same.